“Sue provides clarity, calmness and perspective. I would recommend anyone with the desire for self-improvement to consider utilising the rounded service Sue provides covering coaching, mindfulness and well-being.”


“I have the pleasure of working with Sue on a 121 basis. She has increased my confidence in myself 100% by helping me to clarify and take control of my thoughts – this has improved my business and had the added impact of improving my personal life too. Others I work with have noticed a change for the better and I find communication and collaboration is improving with each coaching session. I am finally getting to where I want to. I would highly recommend Sue to anybody wanting to improve their life, reduce their stress and clarify their path”


“Before I met Sue, I had accepted that I would never be happy. Sue is the first person that really listened to me and had faith in me—that I could be brave and do what was right for my life. I am forever grateful.”


“Sue is engaging, charismatic and warm, she is a delight to work with providing simple but significant solutions to problems within a workplace or at home. Sue’s professionalism, energy and expertise sets her out above the rest and I always look forward to meeting with her!”


“Sue is the ultimate professional with the perfect personal touch. Her unique style of engagement and ability to read, understand your needs and what is troubling you, even at a time when it appears difficult to decipher is exceptional. Sue has personally helped me to recognise me and tackle the historical demons that raise their head every now and again and affect my ability to see the wood for the trees.

The tools Sue has provided me with have enabled me to grow in confidence, believe in myself and recognise me for who I truly am. I have always worked in high pressured roles in companies which expect the highest of standards from their staff, with Sues support I have been able to continue to deliver, stay on track and manage difficult situations which are commonly met in high pressured roles. I can’t thank Sue enough for her support and unique tools and would recommend her to anyone needing both personal and professional support.”


“I met Sue over a year ago when she was contracted to work with members of the team at StrategiQ where I was working. In the past 10 years, I’ve seen over 20 psychologists for depression and PTSD and none of them made an impact like Sue did in just the first 1 on 1 session I had with her. Her team focussed activities are extremely beneficial as well. If you are considering whether or not you should have Sue come work with your team I couldn’t tell you enough how much it will benefit the wellbeing in your company.”